8-10. Ruth, Ester, & Melissa

Recently the First 5 app, a Proverbs 31 ministry, covered the book of Ruth, Ester, and Song of Songs.  A few weeks ago,  Nicki Koziarz,  the author of that morning devotional, discussed how God's plan for Ruth couldn't be seen at the time.  Even after Ruth had been redeemed, married Boaz, and given birth she had … Continue reading 8-10. Ruth, Ester, & Melissa


7. Sunday Mornings

There are some mornings when you just feel like going back to bed.  This Sunday morning was one of them.  I had gotten up early to feed Baby O, but instead of feeling refreshed by the end of the feeding I was absolutely exhausted.  Daylight Savings rarely throws a wrench in my plans, but this … Continue reading 7. Sunday Mornings

3. Kicks and Turns

Today, I am 35 weeks and one day into my second pregnancy. This pregnancy has been drastically different from my first.  For one, we found out much, much sooner than we did with W.  I actually knew I was experiencing morning sickness and fatigue instead of running every medical horror story through my mind, convinced … Continue reading 3. Kicks and Turns